Date : 31/12/2008 12:02:00

Sender : Anyessa

Theme : Other...

Hello ! First of all, your biography is beautiful and preface is very touching. Congratulations for your career. I am a big big big fan and after Zidane and Maldini nobody has done as much vibrate so I wanted to say thank you. We miss you In Marseille, you were our king.

Hi Anyessa. Thank you for your words very touching.

Date : 31/12/2008 12:02:00

Sender : hugues didier

Theme : Ivory Coast

Hello champion. What are the difference between playing for your country and for Chelsea?

Hi Hugues. This is completely different in fact. In selection, there is a special atmosphere. We are a group of friends with an entire people behind us. At Chelsea, like all the big teams, we feel that it is much more professional although there is also great enthusiasm from the fans.

Date : 31/12/2008 12:01:00

Sender : Alexandre

Theme : his game

How are you doing to realize shots like that?

Hi Alexander, there is a secret: training!

Date : 31/12/2008 12:01:00

Sender : kemo

Theme : Chelsea

Hi Didier, what do you think of C. Ronaldo?

Hi Kemo. Everybody always wanted a opposition between us, but Cristiano Ronaldo is a great champion and I have a great respect for him.

Date : 31/12/2008 12:00:00

Sender : Joana

Theme : Other...

Have you followed the European Championship or have you taken a break ?

Hi Joana. I followed the European Championship because I have a lot of teammates at Chelsea who participated. Claude, Florent and Nico with France, Ballack with Germany , Petr with the Czech Republic, Ricardo Carvallo and Paolo Ferreira with Portugal ... But well I tried to relax and recharge the batteries.

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